eBike & Bike Industry Research & Consulting
Coffrin Group can help you maximize financial gain and avoid expensive mistakes. We
provide business guidance and research to companies in the bicycle and light electric
vehicle (LEV) industries.

Coffrin Group, since 1991, has specialized in helping clients launch new businesses
and enter new markets. We have helped entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies
obtain access to the electric bike and bicycle markets. We can help you quantify market
opportunities and implement a strategy to grow smoothly and avoid costly errors.

As a bike industry analyst, Coffrin has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes,
Business Week, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Sporting Goods
Business, Journal of Commerce, SiliconInvestor.com, Bicycling, Bike Europe, RadMarkt
(Germany), Bike Biz UK, Japan Cycle Press, and more.
Business Consulting Services
Avoid years of capital-depleting experimentation. Contact Coffrin Group:
  • Research & quantify market opportunities
  • Start your business / Commercialize your designs
  • Executive Search Services to recruit top talent
  • Improve sales - Export, USA, OEM
  • Merger & Acquisition activities - as a buyer or seller
Next Steps
Contact us now. We can help you achieve your goals more rapidly and cost-effectively.
Our expert guidance can help you succeed in these areas:
  • LEVs - Ebikes, pedelecs, hybrid powered personal transportation
  • Business plan development; M&A's
  • Sourcing new designs
  • Distribution to the bicycle and sporting goods industries

We can help you get to market more quickly. Clients have included startup
businesses, inventors, international investment firms, Fortune 500 companies, leading
electric bike brands, trade associations and NGOs.
Coffrin Group can provide enough of the right expertise for you to
develop the most cost-effective path to success.

I have remained continuously in the bike industry since age 23,
excluding two years for graduate study. I had my first bike client
(Girvin/Pro-flex) in 1991 and worked with my first LEV client
(Currie Technologies) in 1996. Career positions have included
CEO of an electric vehicle distribution firm for Merida Bikes and
executive positions at two top bike firms (Specialized and
Diamond Back/Centurion). Clients have included Fortune 500
companies, global equity firms, major bike and ebike brands,
inventors and entrepreneurs.

Contact us to discuss your goals and how Coffrin Group can help
you move rapidly ahead.  
-Gary Coffrin
Coffrin in NYC
Coffrin Group - Profit Enhancing Solutions
Coffrin Group - Profit Enhancing Solutions
Get to market more quickly:
Coffrin Group - Profit Enhancing Solutions
Coffrin Group - Profit Enhancing Solutions